Which Buick Encore has Heated Seats?

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The Buick Encore originally hit the streets in 2013.  Throughout its almost ten years on the road, the subcompact SUV has continually proved itself as one of the best in its class.  Its reliability scores have remained consistently stellar.  In fact, J.D. Power regularly awards the SUV with at least four out of five stars for reliability.

Minus a few cosmetic upgrades, the Encore has generally remained the same throughout the years.  For example, it has always had the same amount of available cargo space with the seats folded down – 48.4 cubic feet.  Even the average gas mileage remains within a few mpg throughout the years.  Generally, the Encore gets around 24 mpg in the city, and 30-32 mpg on the highway.  This is decent for an SUV, especially the used models.  The Encore offers both front-wheel and all-wheel drive options, making it acceptable for rougher road conditions.

As for luxurious amenities, the Encore has many.  It provides Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as a standard option, integrated on the most current 7-inch touchscreen display.  Sound plays through the six-speaker audio system so you can enjoy your music as much as possible.  The Encore uses upscale interior materials to provide a comfortable ride.  Also available are a sunroof, Bluetooth, multiple USB ports, and more.

One of the more commonly requested amenities in a vehicle is heated seating.  Many car companies offer heated seats at least on select trims.  With so many wonderful features available on the Encore, does it offer heated seating?  Has it ever provided heated seating?  Let’s find out.

Benefits of Heated Seats

Having heated seats in your car can provide many benefits, especially during the cold winter months.  One of the most obvious benefits is that heated seats warm up quicker than the heating system in your vehicle.  Because of this, you do not need to wait quite as long for relief from the cold.  The warmth also stays closer to your body since the heat comes directly from the seat itself.

Oftentimes, in climates where the winters are slightly more mild, the heated seats provide enough warmth that individuals do not feel the need to turn on the actual heating system.  The heat from the actual seats will also partially warm up the vehicle itself, as some heat releases into the air while they are turned on.  This provides a comfortable atmosphere for everyone in the car, but it also helps conserve energy.  The vehicle uses less energy to run, which in turn helps preserve its gas mileage.

Another large benefit of heated seating is that it allows passengers the freedom to choose the level of heat they desire.  With the standard heating system in the vehicle, passengers frequently need to compromise on the overall temperature.  However, with heated seats, the temperature solely affects whoever sits in the seat.  If someone enjoys a warmer atmosphere than the others in the vehicle, they have the option to make their seat warmer for maximum comfort.

white 2018 buick encoreBuick Encore with Heated Seats

The Buick Encore has slowly consolidated its trim levels over the years.  For 2022, the only available trim level is the Preferred.  Unfortunately, the Preferred trim does not offer heated seating this year.  However, this does not mean that the Encore never provided heated seats as an option on any of its trims.

In the past, the Encore last offered heated front seating as the standard on the Essence trim.  The Essence trim was available from 2017 until the 2020 model, before it was discontinued for 2021.  Additionally, heated seating was standard on the Premium trim, which was available from 2013 through 2018.  Lastly, the Encore offered heated seats as standard on the Leather trim.  This trim debuted with the Encore in 2013, before it left the lineup in 2017.

While you cannot find a new Buick Encore currently equipped with heated seating, many used options provide this luxury.  You simply need to purchase a used Encore in the Essence, Premium, or Leather trim.

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